ADS-B, AHRS, & Devices

Aerovie offers a wide variety of device integration supporting both portable and in-panel devices that send ADS-B weather & traffic information to the iPad & iPhone including AHRS data, flight plan transfers, satellite communication, and active traffic systems.

Avidyne IFD550 and IFD450

Aerovie connects over a wifi connection to the IFD series GPS receivers to send and receive flight plans and much more.

  • Receive ADS-B weather & traffic.
  • Send flight plans from Aerovie to favorite list on receiver.
  • Automatically or manually receive current flight plan from device.
  • Receive AHRS information for flight plan replay and Synthetic Vision on iPad/iPhone.


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STRATUS 3 by Appareo

Aerovie connects over a wifi connection to the STRATUS3 Portable ADSB Receiver

  • Receive ADS-B weather & traffic.
  • 1090Mhz and 978Mhz traffic & weather
  • Internal GPS Receiver
  • Receive AHRS information from STRATUS3 to use with Synthetic Vision




STRATUX Dual-Band ADS-B Receiver with AHRS

Portable Dual-Band AHRS & ADSB receiver to receive traffic, weather, and portable GPS.

  • Air-to-air traffic, data, and FIS-B weather.
  • Animated regional and CONUS NEXRAD
  • METARs, TAFs, AIR/SIGMETs, PIREPs, winds and temps aloft, TFRs, NOTAMs, and SUA information.



Lynx L3 Transponder with ADSB

Aerovie connects over a wifi connection to receive ADSB & traffic information.

  • Receive ADSB weather & traffic
  • Receive active traffic information


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Iridium GO!

Connect to Iridium GO! Satellite Communicator over wifi to send pilot reports in the air!

  • Send electronic pilot reports directly into the NAS
  • Pilot reports will be immediately submitted to flight service and available to everyone.



Open Flight Solutions FlightBox Plus

Portable dual-band ADSB receiver for weather and traffic on 978Mhz and 1090Mhz.

  • Built-in GPS & AHRS
  • Weather & Traffic 1090Mhz and 978Mhz TISB/FISB
  • Fully supported w/ Open Flight warranty.


$225 – $350

iLevil AHRS & ADSB Receivers

The AW provides ADS-B weather and traffic information, GPS navigation, AHRS and Data Recording. Unlike the SW version, the iLevil AW can be used as a portable or permanent-mount instrument. It integrates static and dynamic pressure transducers which make available accurate indicated airspeed and pressure altitude obtained from the pitot static system, ultimately offering a “six-pack” solution displayed on a tablet.



FreeFlight ADS-B w/WiFi

FreeFlight transponders feature a ADSB-in data to portable devices such as Aerovie for weather and traffic.

  • Receive weather and traffic information on Aerovie
  • NOTAMs, radar, etc.


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Dynon Avionics

Dynon in-panel devices support ADSB and flight plan transfer to portable devices including Aerovie.

  • Receive ADS-B weather & traffic on iPad & iPhone.
  • Send & Receive flight plans to supported Dynon devices.


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Dual XGPS Receivers

Dual offers a wide range of ADSB portable receivers including XGPS170, XGPS170D, and XGPS190.

  • Receive in-flight weather and traffic using dual-band 978Mhz & 1090Mhz.
  • Small device with built-in battery.



Avidyne Lynx Iridium Open Flight Solutions Levil FreeFlight Stratux Dynon Avionics Dual